Pokémon: Battle Styles

The ever-growing world of Pokémon has brought in a new fighting form. This new way to settle who is the very best draws inspiration from the Sword and Shield character Urshifu. The legendary Pokémon gained notoriety with its particular fighting form and style showcased in the game Pokémon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Expansion. 

The new game feature will see players chose either the Single Strike Style or the Rapid strike style. In modern sports terms, it's the difference between a power puncher, someone who seeks to end the fights with a single or punch that hopefully knocks out an opponent. While Rapid strike style presents a much more technical confrontation, similar to middleweight combat, where blows are traded for gradual damage. These techniques strike with precision with the intent of causing status effects. 

The card design of Single Strike cards is still reminiscent of the Isle of Armor expansion, where the cards still present the primary color red with silvery highlights. These are the cards that give the capacity for single strike victory. The Rapid Stike style cards are primarily blue, and these attacks will require a little more technical know-how.

This system will also feature new abilities for players or trainers. They are now even more active during their Pokémon's fighting. The trainers will see energy cards. The purpose of these cards is to help your Pokémon fight to best perform their own battle style. Think of it like a boxing match where the cornerman is actively involved in the battle, not only yelling combinations and strategy; instead, it is included in the fight by throwing the fighter energy that will help the boxer push his body to the limit find the win. 

Deckbuilding will require the player to pick the best energy cards that can combine with the selected striking style. The steps could be simply summed up by first: Choosing your trainer cards, second: figuring out which battle style you wish to highlight, picking your preferred Pokémon. Although it is not a complicated setup, knowing which cards will best condition your Pokémon for the battle is the real key to success. 

Your journey to the martial arts dominance of your opponents will give the option of focusing the powers of powerful Pokémon V with the likes of Tyrantar V, Mimikyu V, Empoleon V, and more. Set forth and participate in epic conflicts using the newly found Pokémon from the Galar Region. While the character will share their particular fighting styles, not all fighting styles are best suited for that Pokémon. Tyrant V might benefit more from the Single Strike Style, which will see him use his power to the fullest, rather than the Rapid strike style that might feel like holding him back from his full potential. In combat. The same example can be set with Mimikyu; while powerful, its battle style will definitely require more of a tactical nature than just straight up in your face combat. Yet, it all depends on the player and their ability to correctly set up their decks for the oncoming team battles at the end of the day. 

The game line will feature over 150 cards, all brand new. It is definitely up to you to find them all, set forth and find your booster packs, start your new collection focused on this new popular head-to-head fighting game, strike at lighting fast speeds, or punch a hole in the world, all in the name of being the very best, like no one, ever was.