Live Stream Events

Battle Style Box Break 4/16

We are hosting a live stream to break open a fresh new Pokemon Battle Styles booster. Enter this sweepstake for a spot at the break event and win the cards from the pack we break open for your spot.

Detail for the upcoming box break event:
Date Time: 4/16 6p PST

Stream location: @japancardgames Instagram Live

  • Enter the raffle for a break spot We have 36 spots for this break event (36 packs)
  • We will break a half a box in this event through IG live @kozuguru, then we will break the second half through IG live @japancardgames
  • The winner of the spots will be drawn live during the live stream
  • We will break open the pack for the spot, the person assigned to the spot will receive the content of the pack in the mail

Participant must be on the live stream when we draw the spot

We will cover the postage for the card shipment in the main land US. There will not be refund or replacement shipment if the card content is lost during transit.

You can enter the Box Break event using the following form

KOZUGURU X JPCG Pokemon Battle Styles Box Break Event 4/16