R18+ Konosuba - Aqua Darkness Wiz Megumin - Sexy Character Rubber Mouse Pad Ver.1

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  • This rubber mouse pad is made-in-Japan. Has genuine imported licensed accessories, with copyright authentication seal.
  • Official rubber mouse pad made to the highest quality, and it is truly collectible item for all the KonoSuba fans.
  • Size: about 180 x 220 mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Brand new rubber mouse pad featuring: Megumin (めぐみん) , Wiz (ウィズ), Darkness / Dustiness Ford Lalatina (ダスティネス・フォード・ララティーナ), Axis Order Water Goddess Priest / Aqua (アクア)
  • Series: KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2 / この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! 2

Darkness is one of the three main female protagonists of the KonoSuba series. She is a crusader with masochist tendencies who joins Kazuma's party early on.
A tall, beautiful young woman, Darkness gives the appearance of a cool beauty. She is well-endowed and also has light blue eyes and straight, long blonde hair, usually kept in a ponytail tied with a braid and red hair clips secured on both sides of her bangs. She is usually seen clad in black, white, and yellow armour, with a metal shoulder plate on her left side, and a wing-like cloth perched upon her right shoulder.

Wiz  is an important supporting character in the KonoSuba series. She is a lich who is the owner of a "famous" Magic Item Shop in Axel, and used to be referred to as the Ice Witch  when she was an adventurer fighting against the Demon King.
Wiz is a beautiful and well-endowed woman with fair skin and a curvaceous figure. She has brown eyes and straight brown hair reaching down to the front of her shoulders and further behind her back, slightly curling at the tips. Her fringe sometimes covers her right eye. Wiz also possesses a single ahoge that arcs off the top of her head.

Aqua is described as being such a supernaturally beautiful god that Kazuma notes her beauty being "beyond the idols shown on television" and "surpassing humans."
She has a slim figure with ample breasts, long legs, and blue waist-long hair that is partially tied into a loop with a water-molecule shaped clip. Aqua's clothes carry a blue color scheme, with her ordinary attire consisting of a vest, detached sleeves, thigh-high boots, an extremely short miniskirt, and a transparent underskirt. She also wears a divine relic in the form of a translucent pink hagoromo, which can disappear and reappear around her at her will.

Megumin is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Demon Clan in the Fantasy World, and is the first person to join Kazuma's party. She is one of the main characters of the KonoSuba series.
Megumin is a young girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair (smooth black in light novel) and crimson-colored eyes. She wears a classical witch attire such as a black cloak with gold border, choker, wizard's hat, fingerless gloves, and carries a black staff. Though she jokingly claims that her eyepatch seals her immense power, she actually sees it as a stylish sense of fashion due to her chuunibyou tendencies.

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